Innovate 4 Water

WIPO, Geneva
Waterpreneurs // WaterVent // WIPO Green

Nicolas D. Lorne

Director and co-founder


With this message, I am pleased to share information about the event “Innovate 4 Water” that we are co-organizing with UNITED NATIONS WIPO GREEN early June 2017 in Geneva.


In a nutshell, the event will focus on:

  • Water and Sanitation (SDG 6)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • and Sustainable Investments, with a “red string” around “Business and Human Rights”.

The event will be during 2 days articulated as follows: 


JUNE 8 – « Entrepreneurs / Investors » Matchmaking

Entrepreneurs with innovative water and sanitation technologies and business models looking for investments will be pitching to prospective investors, including cleantech venture capitalists, private equity and corporate investors.

JUNE 9 – « Open Forum » Matchmaking

We’re inviting public and private organizations to make their pitches around needs they have in front of companies, startups, peers and investors. Maybe someone in the room has solutions, knows of someone who has a solution, or has an idea on how to solve the problem. The pitches will be interspersed with 6 thematic panel discussions.

June 9th draft agenda – I4W – Open Forum


Let us know if you are interested to participate or even contribute (pitching or as a panelist).

Also, at this stage of the preparation we are still very open to proposals and we welcome your suggestions regarding the content of the different sessions.

And please feel free to inform SFG members about the event and to disseminate the information with any other relevant networks.

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