A unique ecosystem at the heart of a global movement

Geneva is uniquely positioned to address the urgent challenges crystallized around the UN’s 17 SDGs, thanks to its one-of-a-kind ecosystem: a global financial centre, combined with a hub for multilateral diplomacy, world-class universities and forward-looking policy-makers.

Synergy and communication

The mission of SFG is to connect, support and promote this exceptional community, which has helped put Geneva on the map as one of the world’s top centres for sustainable finance. We complement our core activities with special projects aimed at maximizing synergies across the sustainable finance ecosystem.

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Newsletter - The Bridge
The Bridge : Newsletter April 2021
SFG Admin - April 2021
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Sustainable Finance Week, 07-11 June 2021
Guernsey Green Finance - April 2021
Private wealth financing sustainability : listen to Fabio Sofia on 9 June 2021 In association with the UN’s Finance Centres for Sustainability, Guernsey Green Finance will be hosting its annual Sustainable Finance Week in June. A fixture in the private wealth and sustainable finance space the event will
RI Switzerland 2021: Fabio Sofia will be a speaker on 29 April
RI Switzerland - April 2021
What do the latest ESG regulatory developments and thematic trends mean for the Swiss financial sector? What practical steps can Swiss investors take to prepare and align themselves to the Paris Agreement, incoming SFDR and green taxonomy, as well as to address Human Rights? RI Switzerland 2021, a free-to-air online
Mark Halle : Connecting financial centres
FC4S - April 2021

Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) was established to improve the alignment between financial activity and the requirements of sustainable development.  At…

Latest news
Geneva: leading the way on sustainable finance
Swiss Banking - March 2021

As a premier financial centre of special international standing, Geneva plays a key role in advancing sustainable finance through the…

25 March 2021 : Web conférence BCV & Ethos
BCV - March 2021

Actions suisses: comment profiter des avantages d’une approche durable éprouvée? Share

23 March 2021 : Webkonferenz von BCV & Ethos
BCV - March 2021

«Aktien Schweiz: Wie Investoren von einem umfassenden und bewährten Nachhaltigkeitsansatz profitieren können» Share

Latest news
Swiss initiative launched to sharpen focus on gender lens investing
Geneva Solutions - March 2021

A new initiative has been launched in Switzerland focused on growing investments that contribute gender equality and improving the lives…

Media Release
Yova Sustainability Role Model 2021
Yova - 02.03.2021

Around 50 million tonnes of CO2 are emitted in Switzerland every year. The Swiss financial sector alone, with global capital…

Why sustainability matters: Re-inventing finance for a fast-changing world

The unprecedented pace of change faced by our societies today is creating exciting new opportunities for innovation in finance, from green bonds and 2.0 portfolio management to crowdfunding, blockchain and fintech.
These innovations reflect shifting individual priorities and expectations (for instance, 30% of European millennials have never used a brick-and-mortar bank), as well as the urgent global needs of our Planet, as crystallized by the adoption of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

At a time of rapid transformation for the entire financial sector, we believe that sustainable finance, which prioritizes long-term environmental and social impact, will gradually become the “new normal”.

Sustainable finance integrates environmental, social, governance and development criteria into investment decisions, for the lasting benefit of both stakeholders and society at large.