A unique ecosystem at the heart of a global movement

Geneva is uniquely positioned to address the urgent challenges crystallized around the UN’s 17 SDGs, thanks to its one-of-a-kind ecosystem: a global financial centre, combined with a hub for multilateral diplomacy, world-class universities and forward-looking policy-makers.

Synergy and communication

The mission of SFG is to connect, support and promote this exceptional community, which has helped put Geneva on the map as one of the world’s top centres for sustainable finance. We complement our core activities with special projects aimed at maximizing synergies across the sustainable finance ecosystem.

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SFG is looking for a new director
Admin SFG - January 2020
After more than 10 years as Director of SFG, Anne-Marie Kortmoeller has announced that she is passing the baton. This past decade has been one of emergence and growth for our ecosystem and for sustainable finance more broadly, culminating in the launch of the Building Bridges movement. SFG is now actively searching for
Newsletter - THE BRIDGE
Admin SFG - January 2020
Dear Friends, Time to turn intentions into actions! This watchword for the next decade has been heard loud and clear on all sides since the Building Bridges Summit. Meeting and talking about how we need to work together to promote sustainability is no longer enough. We need to go beyond good intentions and take acti
“There is no choice between performance and impact,” says Katia Coudray, CEO of Asteria Investment Managers
SPHERE - J. Sicard - 16.01.2020 / FR
After the sale of RAM Active Investments two years ago, the Reyl group is re-launching itself on the asset management front with the creation of Asteria Investment Managers, a boutique entirely dedicated to sustainable investment, with a dual objective of financial return and positive impact. Its manager, Katia Coudray
“It is imperative to build a new economic paradigm,” explain Aymeric Jung and Astadjam Bamanga. - N. de Joncaire - 17.12.2019 / FR

Financing tomorrow’s solutions today? A fresh look at the role of the regenerative economy is needed to approach investment as…

Newsletter - THE BRIDGE
THE BRIDGE : Newsletter December 2019
Admin SFG - December 2019

Dear Bridge Builder, As we enter a new decade leading up to 2030 and its ambitious goals, the question asked…

Latest news
Building Bridges : what a journey !
Admin SFG - December 2019

With the Week, made up of 31 events, organized by 52 partners, and an estimated 1000+ attendees, and the Summit…

Human rights in the Finance industry – December 10th, 2019
Admin SFG - November 2019

Join the University of Geneva’s Center for Business and Human Rights, the University of Sydney, and Sustainable Finance Geneva on…

Build your own responsible investment process !
Admin SFG - November 2019

Registration for 2020 online Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Sustainable Finance to help finance professionals seize growing opportunities offered…

Fabio Sofia, sustainable conviction
Le Temps - David Haeberli - 8.10.2019 / FR

The president of Sustainable Finance Geneva is struggling to make the City of Calvin a financial centre that does good…

Why sustainability matters: Re-inventing finance for a fast-changing world

The unprecedented pace of change faced by our societies today is creating exciting new opportunities for innovation in finance, from green bonds and 2.0 portfolio management to crowdfunding, blockchain and fintech.
These innovations reflect shifting individual priorities and expectations (for instance, 30% of European millennials have never used a brick-and-mortar bank), as well as the urgent global needs of our Planet, as crystallized by the adoption of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

At a time of rapid transformation for the entire financial sector, we believe that sustainable finance, which prioritizes long-term environmental and social impact, will gradually become the “new normal”.

Sustainable finance integrates environmental, social, governance and development criteria into investment decisions, for the lasting benefit of both stakeholders and society at large.