A community dedicated to sustainable finance

Sustainable Finance Geneva is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable finance, comprising individual members and institutional partners. Together, they represent a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that embodies the diversity of Geneva and its determination to make sustainable finance the “new normal”.

Founded in 2008 by 15 passionate visionaries, SFG is the most influential organization of its kind in French-speaking Switzerland today, driving the debate on the future of finance.

Synergies and communication

Our mission is to unite, promote and encourage synergies across this exceptional community, which has helped put Geneva on the map as one of the world’s top centres for sustainable finance.

What we offer
  • The Bridge, Geneva’s sustainable finance newsletter
  • Projects and market studies led by SFG or initiated in collaboration with our partners
  • The latest industry news via our website and social media
  • Events for members and regional players (seminars, training courses, etc.)
  • Networking and idea-sharing to encourage synergies
  • Committees of experts providing insights on market trends, legal issues, training, etc.
  • A coworking space

We named our newsletter “the Bridge” to highlight the many connections and synergies that exist between finance and impact. We aim to build bridges between Geneva’s left and right banks – its financial institutions and international organizations, in other words.

Human capital is our most valuable resource

Every movement needs champions.
From our founders to the people who serve on our governing bodies or participate in our activities, SFG members and partners share their vision, knowledge, passion and expertise to shape a more environmentally and socially responsible financial industry.

SFG members hail from banks, financial institutions, consulting firms, NGOs, local and national government, multinationals, academia and law firms. Collectively, they volunteer over 400 hours of their time each year. We are deeply grateful to them for their contribution.


Transparency is central to our governance. SFG’s bodies include the Executive Bureau, the Strategy and Surveillance Committee, the Management Team and various other commissions and project groups. A general meeting of the members is held once a year.

Executive Bureau / Strategy and Surveillance Committee Members

The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to review SFG’s activities over the past year with our members, who then vote on the organization’s budget.

The Strategy and Surveillance Committee (S&SC) comprises a maximum of 15 members. It is tasked with defining SFG’s long-term strategic objectives and determining which initiatives we should prioritize to achieve our aims.
The Chair of the S&SC is chosen from among the committee members on a rotating basis and serves for two years.

Executive Bureau
The Executive Bureau supports the management team and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Strategy and Surveillance Committee. It comprises five members in addition to the director of SFG and meets once a month.

The Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SFG, from organizing activities and events to managing communications and member relations.

SFG: An initiative ahead of its time

SFG was founded by a group of passionate visionaries who saw an opportunity to create impetus and foster synergies between like-minded professionals. “We came together to share our expertise and help build an international movement for sustainable finance,” explains SFG president Angela de Wolff.

Quote from the press release announcing the official launch of SFG on October 28th 2008.