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The Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland (“GLIS”) is a working group set up by SFG in March 2021, at the initiative of the AlphaMundi Group Ltd and with the support of Gender Smart.

Tim Radjy, Vice-President of Sustainable Finance Geneva, commented: “The launch of this working group is the result of a seminal Gender Lens meeting convened in Geneva on 7 October 2020 by AlphaMundi and Gender Smart Investing. It is a groundbreaking initiative for the Swiss market that showcases Sustainable Finance Geneva’s role as a platform for innovation and partnerships.”  

Switzerland is a leading financial center on the world stage, a nexus for sustainable finance and development efforts and skillsets. Following its pioneering work in microfinance and impact investing, the country is now embracing the next frontier of financial innovation by positioning itself as a global hub for digital finance and gender lens investing.

Press release of March 8th, 2021

Academic Research Committee (ARCO) & Investment Solutions Committee (ISCO)

The GLIS formed an academic research committee (ARCO) of personalities from various universities, to help design and implement research related to gender lens investing, the gender balance of financial institutions, and women as capital owners and investors in Switzerland. 

ARCO members include :

The GLIS is in the process of forming an investment solutions committee (ISCO) of advisors from various financial industry segments to promote Gender Lens Investing standards and terms in investment products, and determine which products can be featured for educational purposes only as inspiring examples of GLI.

ARCO members include at this point :


The first webinar of the Gender Lens Inititative for Switzerland (GLIS) will take place on Wednesday 21 April from 3pm to 4pm CET, with the following agenda : global perspective on SDG5; legal definitions and industry standards; impact measurement; financial innovation examples; the GLIS 2021 agenda with regards to research, innovation and events; open Q&A.
Speakers will include Tim Radjy, GLIS Chair; Jessica Espinoza representing the DFI association 2X; Vanina Farber from the IMD; and Christine Roddy from the AlphaMundi Foundation.
Interested parties must email to be added on the GLIS event invitation list. 

In addition, Gender Smart is launching the first-ever global series of online gatherings to connect gender-smart investors and fund managers with a gender lens, running from March to May  2021. The series is open to Qualified Investors at a fee of USD 300 per participant, to attend the entire series of events. 

The GLIS will also be present during the Building Bridges week.

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The GLIS working group is composed of SFG members and institutional partners, and looks forward to developing its network of partnerships with Swiss and international organisations interested in promoting Gender Lens Investing.