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The SFG community comprises individual members and institutional partners from the wider Geneva area. Together, they form an exceptionally rich and diverse ecosystem, committed to making sustainable finance a central pillar of growth in business, wealth management and institutional asset management.

As our core partners, the Canton and City of Geneva play a vital role in driving the emergence of sustainable financial centres globally.

We are deeply grateful for their ongoing trust and support.


Becoming a member of SFG is a great way to grow your professional network in the field of sustainable finance.

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The Geneva Financial Center Foundation, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva have supported our work from the start. As our core partners, they play a vital role in ensuring our long-term success and good governance.


Our institutional partners reflect Geneva’s unique ecosystem and potential for synergies that drive progress in sustainable finance. The SFG partner community comprises banks, financial institutions, NGOs, law firms, foundations, consulting firms and more.

Joining the SFG partner community is a great way to help us expand the scope and impact of our work, while offering your employees the advantages of membership. By sharing your unique insights with others, you help shape the future of sustainable finance.

To find out how to become an SFG partner, please contact us on info@sfgeneva.org.

Switzerland’s unique strengths in the field of the sustainable finance lie in the expertise of its academics, companies, industry associations and international organizations.
To strengthen our financial centre, we need to unite our forces. That is why SFG works closely with many partners on a variety of projects, from conference to studies, training courses and more.