Geneva A unique ecosystem at the heart of a global movement

Geneva is uniquely positioned to address the urgent challenges crystallized around the UN’s 17 SDGs, thanks to its one-of-a-kind ecosystem: a global financial centre, combined with a hub for multilateral diplomacy, world-class universities and forward-looking policy-makers.

An asset for Switzerland
As a highly diverse, purpose-driven organization, we work closely with Swiss Sustainable Finance to position Switzerland as one of the top global marketplaces for sustainable finance.

A community dedicated to growing sustainable finance

Created in 2019, this powerful visual offers a succinct picture of the uniquely diverse ecosystem that characterizes Geneva’s sustainable finance centre.

It illustrates the vast potential for collaboration between players from Geneva’s right bank – home to the UN and many international organizations – and its left bank, where the financial centre is located.

The 145 partners listed on this map include 45 companies or institutions with a focus on sustainable finance, 65 experts and 72 international organizations, foundations or NGOs.

If you know of an institution working in sustainable finance that you think should be added to the map, please tell us at (next update in Autumn 2019).

Joining forces to leverage our impact

Sustainable Finance Geneva is a member-driven, regional organization at the heart of one of the most dynamic ecosystems of its kind in the world.

Swiss Sustainable Finance is a national organization that represents institutions and promotes Switzerland as a hub for this fast-growing industry.