In 2015, SFG initiated a project to assess the rationale, feasibility, and business case for creating a Swiss Social Stock Exchange (SwiSOX). 

Following a preliminary high-level market assessment, SFG commissioned a detailed feasibility study of the project, confirming the business case for a Social Stock Exchange based in Geneva, Switzerland. The study was completed in December 2018.

The SwiSOX project was born with the intent of addressing the inefficient impact investing market and the need for a dedicated liquid marketplace. Social enterprises are taking off as a new operating model addressing acute societal challenges that have gained a global consensus through the UN SDGs. With the large and growing market of medium-sized social enterprises globally and their significant lack of access to financing, coupled with a strong and growing trend in impact investments, there lies an ideal opportunity for the SwiSOX.

SwiSOX is seeking to create a sub-segment within an existing regulated Swiss stock exchange focusing on social enterprises. Eligible enterprises, seeking funding from like-minded investors, can issue tradeable securities (mainly equity stock and bonds) to stock market trading participants (and their clients) seeking validated investment opportunities.

 By launching within a regulated stock exchange, SwiSOX will be able to take advantage of an already existing infrastructure and focus on facilitating a liquid primary and secondary market of investable and vetted impact opportunities.