ESG strategies of European Asset Owners. From theory to practice.

Novethic has questioned more than one hundred European asset owners, each year since 2008, on the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into their asset management. This survey, the only one of its kind, allows us to follow the evolution over time of their perception of responsible investment. How do they define it? What motivates them to put the corresponding policies in place? Are they primarily hoping to use their assets to fuel the shift to a more sustainable economy? Or are they mainly protecting their reputation? As long-term investors, do they necessarily take account of these ESG issues, especially those with an already patent impact on their portfolios.  These questions, asked routinely every year, make it possible to observe that although answers may differ from one country to the next, real trends are apparent that clearly demonstrate the emerging role of ESG analysis in risk management. More…


Source: Novetic

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