European SRI Study |Eurosif | October 2012

The Study shows that all responsible investment strategies surveyed have outgrown the market, and four out of six have grown by more than 35% per annum since 2009 demonstrating the continuous appetite by investors to take into account ESG factors, despite (or maybe due to) the ongoing economic and market turmoil.
CH : With a volume of CHF 521.7 billion, the most important strategy in quantitative terms was the exclusion of holdings from the investment universe. This consists of the exclusion criteria
for specific funds and segregated mandates (CHF 25.0 billion) and exclusions applied as  overlays to product ranges (CHF 496.7 billion). This is a tremendous growth compared to 2009 when the volume amounted to almost CHF 18.0 billion. The reason for this extraordinary increase is a change in the
investment policy of several large asset management companies who began excluding producers of cluster munitions from their investment universe in 2010 and 2011. More…


Source: Eurosif



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