2005-2015: Ten years after the Nobel Peace Prize: an update on microfinance in Switzerland and abroad

Geneva // 14:00 - 17:15
Swiss Microfiance Platform

The Swiss Microfinance Platform:
The Swiss Microfinance Platform was created in Geneva as a continuum of the 2005 United Nations Year of Micro-Credit, out of regular meetings and exchange between industry practitioners, investors, academics and public policy makers. Its Committee has decided to reactivate the platform and has reconvened several times this year, exchanging on the past decade and the evolution of the industry, both domestically and overseas. It is pleased to offer this venue for its members and newcomers interested in the topic to meet and share their ideas.

Impact Hub Geneva
rue Fendt 1, 1201 Geneva
Please confirm your attendance to:
Alain Vergeylen
Tel: 022 733 50 73



14:00 Welcome address
           The Swiss Microfinance Platform
14:15 Word from the Committee
           Jean-Jacques Martin, RAFAD
           Roland Dominicé, Symbiotics
           Bernd Balkenhol, University of Geneva
14:30 The 2015 Yearbook Alain Vergeylen, FIG/RAFAD

Swiss Microfinance Landscapes
14:45 Technical assistance overview
           Konrad Elsässer, FIDES
15:00 Investment fund overview
           Julia Meyer, University of Zurich
15:15 Domestic MFI practice
          François Deswarte, Seedz
15:30 Coffee break, networking

2005-2015: Past Perspectives & Emerging Horizons
16:00 10 years of MFI data & trends
            Roland Dominicé, Symbiotics
16:15 Keynote speech from a market leader
          René Azokli, PAMIGA West Africa
16:30 Workshop discussion:
           Daniel Rozas, European Microfinance Platform (moderator)
           René Azokli, PAMIGA West Africa
           Craig Churchill, ILO
           Konrad Elsässer, FIDES
           Maria Teresa Zappia, BlueOrchard Finance
17:15 Cocktail reception, networking


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