midi de la finance

Addressing climate change in investment practices: actions and progress

Geneva // 12h00 -14h00
Only for SFG members

How is investor perception on climate change changing? What does this mean for the selection and monitoring of external managers? What approaches are investors using to conduct risk assessments? What asset classes are most considered? Where are the climate change investment opportunities? How are investors engaging to change market signals? We invite you to meet a panel of investors from the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) and hear about various tools that different kinds of investors are using to integrate climate change risks and opportunities into their portfolios.


DONALD MACDONALD, Chairman, Trustee Director // IIGCC, BT Pension Scheme
STEPHANIE PFEIFER, Executive Director // IIGCC

The Midi de la finance is open exclusively to members of SFG.
These quarterly events bring together professionals from different fields of finance. Our goal is to provide a platform to exchange ideas and discuss opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable finance. Participants are free to participate in English or French as convenient.

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