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What do falling oil prices mean for investments in renewable energy and in energy infrastructure in general?

Geneva // 12h00 - 14h00
Only for SFG members

What are the main drivers of this decline? Is this situation likely to last? With lower oil prices, are governments likely to cut fossil fuel subsidies?  What does the oil price volatility mean for investment in renewable energies?  How is the market reacting? Which clean technologies are going to be directly or indirectly impacted?  Which renewable energy sources are cost-competitive and should be favored by investors?

Most market observers have been surprised by the scale of the decrease of oil prices during the last few months. This drop is portrayed as a major setback for investments in clean and renewable energy, but in fact, the impact will vary greatly across region and sector. Let’s discuss these questions with two experts of the energy sector during SFG’s first 2015 Midi de la Finance.


DOMINIQUE HABEGGER, Member of the Executive Committee // SFG
ANDREAS SCHNELLER, Portfolio Manager // EIC Partners AG
MOHAB KAMEL, Managing Director // Magma Oil Sàrl

The Midi de la finance is open exclusively to members of SFG.
These quarterly events bring together professionals from different fields of finance. Our goal is to provide a platform to exchange ideas and discuss opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable finance. Participants are free to participate in English or French as convenient.

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