Swiss Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet : Reversing global warming

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Swiss Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet : Reversing global warming

Switzerland is an important financial centre -swiss banks manage $6.6 trillion in assets-1  and for sustainable development in the world, but also finances over 2% of GHG emissions2 and its pension funds’, collectively, a 6°C warmer world3 . By investing instead in Drawdown’s solutions internationally Swiss investors bring forward when global warming will be reversed to stay within 1.5-2° C and better enable SDGs realization.

Hear from Nobel Laureate Jacques Dubochet, Chad Frischmann from Project Drawdown and Swiss entrepreneurs & investors what the Drawdown solutions are to reverse global warming. Together they represent a $74.4 trillion investment opportunity 4  for financial centres throughout the world. Will Switzerland take the lead?

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Drawdown Switzerland advocates for the scale up of climate solutions to achieve drawdown – the moment in time when the removal of greenhouse-gases exceeds the amount emitted yearly-.

We are not a think-tank, but rather an “act-tank”, a not-for-profit organisation which supports positive economic, social and environmental solutions to reach drawdown in Switzerland and the reallocation of $ trillions in Swiss-based investment to Drawdown solutions. We are part of the Drawdown coalition. 

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