Switzerland, world leader in Sustainable Finance in 2015 ?

SFG and The Sustainability Forum Zürich (TSF) have joined forces to publish a white paper with the objective of sharpening Switzerland’s competitive edge in sustainable finance. It is based on extensive research undertaken by SFG and TSF as well as on interviews with 30 influential regulators, politicians and decision-makers in Switzerland. .

SFG has decided to turn this vision and Switzerland’s unique combination of strengths into six proposals for sustainable finance: the first four are practical recommendations to accelerate its market development and the last two are suggestions to promote its framework conditions.
1. Create a sustainable funds structure specifically designed for responsible investment strategies based on social and/or environmental criteria
2. Develop fiscal incentives
3. Create a brokerage platform
4. Create a specific stock exchange to list social companies
5. Sign the international initiative for Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE)
6. Introduce certified professional training at the national level

With its six concrete proposals, SFG wants to initiate the debate and dialogue with the various stakeholders. Switzerland has to seize this unique opportunity for its financial center.

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