From Farm to Fork: why agriculture needs innovation in finance.

It is the Genevan authorities’ recognition of the importance of sustainable finance that enabled us to come to Milan. Invited by the city in the Swiss Pavilion as a representative of sustainable finance, SFG seized the opportunity offered to showcase – through a wide panel of speakers – the dynamism and the diversity that we advocate.

Focus on food

The sustainable finance industry has been concerned about agriculture issues from the beginning. When the Nobel Prize in Economics Muhammad Yunus created in 1977 what would become a few years later the Grameen Bank, it was to answer the difficulties of access to capital faced by Bangladeshi farmers. Since then, forms of microcredit have spread worldwide and other questions have emerged.
How to supply quality food to a constantly growing population represents undoubtedly one of the main challenges of the century.
Apart from the quantitative dimension, numerous concerns regarding ethics, quality, sustainability of farming practices and environmental impact have emerged. These new problems require a different financial response and this is why we work with stakeholders from a large variety of backgrounds.
Two specific roundtables were scheduled: How can the financial sector contribute to sustainable agriculture? and Innovative finance for food and agriculture.


Guided tour of the Swiss pavilion

WELCOME: FABIO SOFIA  is vice-president of Sustainable Finance Geneva and works for Symbiotics, a leading company in impact investments in emerging market with a specialization in microfinance.

GENEVA 2030: ALEXANDRE EPALLE is deputy Secretary General in charge of economic affairs at the Geneva State department of Security and Economy . Previously director of the cantonal sustainable development office, he has a long standing experience in sustainable development.


TENKE ZOLTANI  is an experienced investment manager in the fields of sustainable finance, philanthropy and value chains. Bringing innovation and creative solutions in those fields, she founds Better Finance  in 2013.

MARIE OWENS-THOMSEN is Chief Economist at Crédit Agricole Private Banking, Marie Owens Thomsen is regularly contacted by newspapers and TV news program for her expertise in macroeconomic analysis.

SERGE VERNIAU is a leading expert in alternative sustainable foods, he is at the origin of the first project of sustainable insect farming of the FAO. He worked for the FAO for almost 10 years.

ELENA JACHIA has dedicated all her professional life to the management of environmental issues. She is currently Director of the Environmental Sector of Cariplo Foundation. Established in 1991, the Foundation is one of the main philanthropic organizations in Italy and in Europe.


AYMERIC JUNG is a Business Developer, his strong interest for Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance brought him to launch Slow Money Francophone in 2013. He has a 15 years expertise in Equities and Fund Structuring.

 NABIL ABDUL-MASSIH is the Chief Executive Director of Inoks Capital, Nabil has a strong field experience in industrial and finance investment in the emerging markets. He develops ethical and innovative solutions.  

 ERIC ARCHAMBEAU is an investment expert in the high tech field. He has 20 years of experience in founding, financing and investing in young technology companies and has founded the Social Entrepreneurship Department of the INSEAD. He is currently Senior General Partner at Wellington Partners Venture Capital and Chairman of the board at Quadia .

GUILHEM CHÉRON is  the founder of La ruche qui dit oui, an Internet platform linking directly local producers and customers. The company is a large network with more than 700 “ruches” and 4000 producers across France, Belgium, UK, Germany and Spain. He is also member of Fermes d’Avenir (http://www.fermesdavenir.org)

DAVID DIAZ is a research analyst at responsibility Investments AG. The company is one of the world’s leading asset managers in the field of development investments. They provide solutions for both private and institutional investors.



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