Geneva, a center for innovation

in sustainable finance

If sustainable finance is an innovation in itself, new solutions has emerged over the last fifteen years to balance return objectives with sustainability criteria.

The Lake Geneva region gathers many key players among which some are pioneers in their field. The area is connected to the world with its important financial center, a unique network of international organizations and a dynamic academic sector.

This world’s unique ecosystem enables SFG to identify and share the innovations and main trends in sustainable finance.


Innovations from here

and elsewhere

Convinced that “innovation feeds innovation”, SFG hopes to inspire new entrepreneurial initiatives by mapping and spreading these innovations.

The website gathers small and big innovations stimulating the sustainable finance community here and abroad.


You are an innovator

If you wish to share and highlight your ideas, projects and innovative products in sustainable finance, this platform is meant for you.

Fill in the form and the members of our innovation commission will review your innovation before its diffusion.

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The sustainable

Finance lab

For its fifth anniversary, SFG published a book to shine the spotlight on 10 innovations embodying the creativity of the sustainable finance sector in the Geneva area. Origins of these innovations, interviews, market trends and prospects, provide concrete benchmarks on the potential of our region. These innovations all took advantage of Geneva’s unique ecosystem.