Microfinance Investments: 2014 Symbiotics MIV Survey release.



As of December 2013, the combined assets of microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) worldwide is estimated at 9.9 billion U.S. Dollars. Their outstanding microfinance portfolio amounted to 7.1 billion USD, a growth of 68% since 2010. The majority of this portfolio (33%) is managed by Swiss asset managers, followed by Dutch (25%) and German (14%) companies. Microfinance investments are primarily channelled through debt instruments (82%) and continue to be targeted towards mostly Eastern Europe & Central Asia (40%). The study also shows that MIVs investing in local currency are facing increased currency exposure with an unhedged portfolio representing 13.2% of their debt microfinance portfolio in 2013 (a jump from 2.5% in 2010).  More…


Source: Symbiotics

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