From individuals to institutions: a network of strong partners

The varied support from individuals, private institutions, from the Canton of Geneva, Genève Place Financière, and the Fondation pour Genève is extremely valuable to SFG, and further reinforces the scope of its actions.

Our partners: committed agents of change in sustainability and finance, alongside SFG as recognized ambassador

To support the development of its activities and strengthen synergies, the association has established various types of institutional partnerships. This enables partners to support our activities, fund the contributions of some of their employees, or help finance projects, studies and conferences. Other partnerships with key players from various areas of activity enable us to organize, for example, conferences, studies, or training sessions.

Joining our group of partners helps raise the profile of the Genevan and Swiss financial centers

By becoming an institutional partner, you join a dynamic network comprised of institutions that are active in sustainable finance. It promotes the greater understanding of the sector and the opportunities within it, and enables the development of competencies that will be crucial in tomorrow’s financial arena.

Tailored collaboration

Our partnership offer is adapted to the size of the institution; this “tailored collaboration” allows each establishment to support us according to its goals and financial means.

Interested in hearing more about our partnership offers? Don’t hesitate to contact us at: