Banque Alternative Suisse

The ABS: ecological, social and transparent for 25 years

The Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, established in 1990, is owned by more than 5,000 shareholders. It has a total balance sheet of around 1.6 billion swiss francs and looks after over 33,000 customers. As a socially and ecologically focussed bank, it does not seek to maximise profits, but constantly places the emphasis on its ethical principles.

The bank invests its customers’ assets sustainably in social and ecological projects and businesses. Eight development areas benefit from preferential conditions. To illustrate what its customers’ money is used for, the bank publishes information about all its loans.

The ABS is equally as rigorous when it comes to investments and working conditions. It is committed to gender equality and functions without a bonus system.  The ABS operates on ethical basis throughout Switzerland, providing the usual services offered by an investment, savings and credit bank.