Founded in Geneva in 1805, Pictet is today one of Europe's leading independent wealth and asset managers, with more than CHF 391 billion in assets under management and custody at 30 September 2013. The Pictet Group, headquartered in Geneva, employs more than 3,400 people throughout 25 offices worldwide.   
The Group is owned and managed by eight partners with principles of ownership and succession that have remained unchanged since foundation. These principles encourage a spirit of collegial management and entrepreneurship, a long-term vision and commitment by the Partners as well as a prudent risk management policy.
Pictet Asset Management has been active in managing 'best-in-class' SRI portfolios since 1997 and environmental thematic funds since 2000. The theme fund range offers concentrated exposure to a range of environmental themes (water, clean energy, timber, agriculture) that are key to sustainable development.