SFG // Co-founder

WISE // Co-founder

Etienne Eichenberger is co-founder of WISE, a pioneer company in philanthropy advice, founded in 2004 and since then one of the leaders in its market in Europe. Etienne accompanies donors and their families in the elaboration of their philanthropic strategy and in the projects realization in the field, handling the social impact as well as their own involvement.

In nearly 15 years of experience in philanthropic advice, Etienne has collaborated with the Avina Foundation in the field of social entrepreneurship. He has also been supporting  the Schwab Foundation while working at the World Economic Forum and many individuals in the elaboration and implementation of philanthropic commitment.

Etienne holds a master of St Gallen University (HSG) and has been trained at the Family Firm Institute in Chicago. He is married and father of three children.

Etienne was SFG's Vice-president from 2011 to 2014.

Areas of expertise: Philanthropy (private and institutional), Social Entrepreneurship

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