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A geophysicist engineer by background, Vincent Faber started his career in the oil business and later worked as a management consultant.

In the early 90s, Vincent changed his career path and decided to devote his professional life to international humanitarian work. For over 20 years, Vincent evolved within some of the world's leading NGOs and international organisations, both in the field and at headquarters, occupying top executive positions.

Vincent’s professional commitments lead him to develop extensive expertise in the fields of humanitarian aid and development. Having been closely involved in both the corporate and NGO worlds, Vincent firmly believes that these spheres can and should complement and reinforce each other. Together, they can foster efficient and innovative solutions in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and in favour of socioeconomic opportunities for the most vulnerable.

Vincent was called upon in 2008 to lead the newly-created Trafigura Foundation, where he strives to forge these kinds of public-private partnerships. In 2014, Vincent also set up and started managing the Puma Energy Foundation.