SFG // S&S Committee

FC4S // Senior Advisor

Mark dedicated his whole career to environment and sustainable development. He began his career in the field of international negotiations, serving in the diplomatic secretariat of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. He then spent five years with the United Nations Environment Programme. From there he shifted to the NGO world, working four years for WWF-International and fourteen for IUCN, first in the Conservation Centre for Development where he became director and finally as Director of Policies and Partnerships. Subsequently, he left to found IISD-Europe. He led it until his retirement in 2016 and remained special Advisor.

He was then Executive Director of International Institute for Sustainable Development's European organization. In the years before retirement in 2016, Mark focused principally on reform of the rules governing financial and capital markets. IISD did pioneering work on “greening” finance in China, leading to the establishment of the Green Finance Study Group under the G20 and to the establishment of the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, where he served as Senior Advisor for the four years of the Inquiry’s work. He is presently focused strongly on the international network of Financial Centres for Sustainability, whose Secretariat is now being established in Geneva.

Marks studied History at Tufts University (USA) and at Cambridge University. He is a Swiss, Italian and US citizen. Mark sits on six Boards, of which he chairs two.