Seeking Investments That Are Profitable and a Little Bit Green

SARAH KUPFERBERG’S youthful rebellion was slightly unconventional — she wanted to invest in green companies, not the big industrials her parents had preferred. But like most novice investors, she stumbled along the way, once putting money into a company that was trying to use buoys to turn ocean waves into electricity. “When I started investing in companies on my own, I made a lot of bad choices,” Ms. Kupferberg, an ecologist who works on issues related to energy and power. “These were companies at the leading edge of technology. They weren’t great investments.” Today, Ms. Kupferberg, 50, said she has taken a more pragmatic approach to investing. She is no longer looking for companies at the vanguard of the green movement. Instead, she’s interested in those that are making a profit while also acting in a way that takes into account sound environmental, social and governance practices. More…


Source : The NY Times

admin // 09.09.2013

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