Sustainable finance geneva

SFG is an association that establishes Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance by engaging individuals and harnessing collective intelligence.

Created in 2008 by fifteen professionals, SFG now leads the way from Geneva, as the key global platform for sustainable finance. It not only enables an ongoing dialogue between all local organizations and individuals, it also promotes Geneva’s financial Center. Major projects have been successfully completed over the last years, thanks to the strength of its ever-growing network and the remarkable commitment of its members.

Synergies between the organization’s members enable new initiatives and reflect the ideal environment for innovation provided by Geneva and the SFG platform.

You can find the Statutes of the association here.


From individuals to institutions :

a strong network of partners

The combined support of individuals and institutions – from the financial, political, academic and international organizations sectors – is a great asset and strengthen the scope of our actions.

SFG offers

  • The latest news about sustainable finance in Geneva and international innovations posted on the website, our newsletter and on social media.
  • Regular gathering for its members and the local players.
  • Expert commissions to analyze the trends, the legal framework and trainings in sustainable finance.
  • A platform bringing together all the players: public authorities, academics, the private and financial sectors, as well as international organizations and NGOs.
  • Projects, studies and useful data to the development of the sector.