The Finance Innovation Lab has launched a new documentary: Transforming Finance.

The film, which is available online from 4th December, brings together the voices of change from across the financial system such as economist John Kay, Andy Haldane of the Bank of England and Tony Greenham of New Economics Foundation, as well as innovators such as Bruce Davis of Abundance Generation.  Transforming Finance is the culmination of two years of collaborative research with 100’s of finance professionals, policymakers, academics and advocacy groups from within the Lab community.  As well as setting out the problems within the existing system, we tell the story of the new innovations that are coming through and present the policy changes that will help to transform finance. In making Transforming Finance we intentionally set out to create a clear ‘manifesto for action’ and campaign tool, that thought leaders, innovators and activists can use to drive the agenda forward.  It’s a tool that showcases the work of the Lab community for use by you – the Community. More…


Source: The Finance Innovation Lab

admin // 06.12.2013

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